Develop an Effective Lead Generation Program

When it comes to lead generation, there are a number of different options that are available to you. Lead generation programs for your business, after all, should be tailored to the type of work that you do, the types of products and services that you offer and to finding those prospective customers and clients who are going to already have an interest in the products and services that you offer.
Research shows that 75-80% of B2B buyers and influencers use the Internet to find information about vendors rather than responding to outbound efforts. So for many companies, their lead generation efforts need to begin online. If you are transitioning from traditional media advertising – direct mail and cold calling –  here are some online methods which you need to adopt into your overall marketing strategy.

Some areas to consider when developing an effective lead generation program:

Paid Search Marketing or Pay Per Click
This will yield instant results with the ability to bring in very highly qualified leads based on the messaging of your ad campaign and your landing page’s call to action.

Social Media Optimization
With over 500 million users on Facebook and 190 million on Twitter, social media is no longer something any business can afford to ignore. Your customers and prospects are using these sites to interact, look up peer reviews, and most importantly, look for more information about products and services.
The collaboration of social media and search marketing has brought about Social Search: real-time results showing the latest Tweets, videos and blog posts based on the keyword typed. 42% of Twitter’s 190 million users use Twitter to learn about products and services(source: Edison Research April 2010).  Points to keep in mind/Key points:

 Ensure you have a Facebook business page and strategy to get more “likes.”

 Create a Twitter business page and strategy to acquire a larger fan base.

Set up a LinkedIn business page and a strategy on getting into the conversation and being involved with the business community.

Create a company blog and share information on your products and services. When you share information and pull/engage your audience, it becomes a great way to gain qualified leads instead of push/outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is becoming less and less effective, so think carefully before you decide to buy an email list of non-subscribers or hire telemarketers to do cold calling.

Organic Search Marketing
Organic search is still the most credible way to build a website. The main drawback is that it takes time: anywhere from 3-9 months for it to actually yield results. As a long-term strategy however, having a well-structured website for search engines to find and crawl your site is absolutely necessary for your overall lead generation program.

 Ensure that the  on-page SEO of your website has a content strategy and is filled with the necessary keywords, links, and fresh content.

 Compliment your on-page SEO efforts with off-page SEO via continuous efforts in building more quality inbound links.

Create videos of your products or services. The viral aspect of video is a great component to your lead generation programs.

eMail/CRM Marketing
Your current database of email subscribers can be an incredibly powerful tool to turn them into customers. Email is still an incredibly effective way to communicate with your fan base and potential customers. Your subscribers already want to hear from you. Emails you send will have a high open rate. If you send emails of value looking to serve your customers, it is a great way to build a lead nurture program.

Create a lead nurture campaign with different offerings based on your customers’ activities.

Use an email platform that allows you to track and measure your potential customers’ levels of activity based on your email offerings. This will let you to tailor it to their needs while providing your customers with more relevant information and offers.

We can help you develop a lead generation program tailored to your needs. Have a look at some of our core expertise as a digital search agency for lead generation purposes.

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Develop an Effective Lead Generation Program