Pay-Per-Click Process

Our process is heavy on the front end before we ever touch your Google Adwords or Bing Ads account, we spend time researching your business, your competitors, and the PPC performance of both, as we work to develop a smart plan of attach designed to minimize wasted spend from day 1. Once we’re satisfied with our level of knowledge about your goals and competitive landscape we get to work building your PPC accounts according to the best-practice results of Google’s own in-house optimization team.

Continued Optimizations

But that’s all just the beginning.  The real work comes after your new accounts go live and we begin to test, iterate, and optimize your keywords, ad texts, campaign structure, bids, and delivery settings according to our proprietary PPC optimization process.  Our goal with every PPC campaign is simple: extract quantifiably better results from their PPC campaign than they’ve ever seen before.

Ready To Get Started?

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